[Pass] Ayodhya Ram Mandir Aarti Booking Online 2024-25

ayudhya ram mandir aarti booking

Ayodhya Ram mandir darshan aarti booking online for people is now available. All the devotees can get aarti pass online. The official website srjbtkshetra.org has provided online facilities for the devotees to be a part of Lord Ram’s aarti every morning and evening.

Ayodhya ram mandir aarti pass booking process is made very simple for all the persons who want to join the live aarti streaming. This facility can be availed once you register yourself on the portal. People have to reserve their passes to experience aarti and darshan of lord Ramlalla.

ayodhya ram mandir aarti booking

Just remember booking for slots open 15 days in advance at 12 midnight. There are three Aartis during the day and only 60 total slots per day available to book.

How to book Ayodhya Ram mandir aarti darshan online?

The process to book live aarti online is made very simple, there are some steps which you have to follow and these steps are shared below.

  • At first you have to visit the official aarti website i.e online.srjbtkshetra.org. Here you will see a link stating aarti and you have to click on it.
  • Once you click it you will be asked to login and for login you have to enter your mobile number then received OTP and then proceed.

ayodhya ram mandir aarti booking online


  • After registering or logging into the website you have to fill your profile first and in which you have enter your personal details like your name, address, date of birth, aadhar card number, email id, etc.

After that you can choose the slot in which date time to be provided. Aarti slots opens at midnight and these slots fill up in just 2 minutes. Currently, there are only 20 slots for each Aarti per day so you have to very qucik to book aarti slot.

ayodhya ram mandir aarti darshan booking


Now you have to upload a photo or you can use the live photo capture option given on the portal. Then upload it. Finally your aarti darshan is booked our. You can visit the transaction history to confirm the booking and you can also download the pass.

On your registered mobile number you will receive a reminder 24 hours before the Aarti. You have to confirm your attendance on the given link in your SMS or else aarti darshan booking will be cancelled automatically. This confirmation link expires 1 hour before the allotted time.

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On the day of the Aarti, visit the Aarti Pass Counter at the reporting location to collect your pass. And now you can witness the holy experience of live ram lalla aarti in the temple.

Note: Entry closes 30 minutes before the aarti starts. Wheel chair assistance will be given to old/disabled at a nominal cost.

Easy way to book an aarti at ram mandir ayodhya step by step guide

The detailed process we have shared above in this article and for concluded steps you can follow the quick steps to get booking for ayodhya ram mandir aarti.

  • Login: Be logged in to the portal just before midnight. Get your fingers ready to refresh the page.
  • Slot Booking time: As soon as the clock strikes 12 midnight, hit that refresh button. No time to waste!
  • Slot Selection: You’ll see green slots indicating availability. Choose one that suits you.
  • Choose Aarti time: Next, select the type of Aarti you wish to attend. Feel the spiritual energy already?
  • Pro Tip: There’s an option to confirm that your ‘Devotee details and Address are the same as in My Profile.’ Tick this if your profile is complete and ayodhya ram mandir aarti booking will be done quickly.

Instruction for Do’s and Don’ts:


  • Respect and promote religious sentiments among other devotees.
  • Deposit your offerings only in daan-peti’s installed by temple authorities.
  • Follow the procedures during temple visit.


  • Devotees should not carry any luggage, mobile phone, leather items, watches, any electronics gadgets, sharp objects, liquids, flowers, garlands, water bottles, prasad offering to deity.
  • Any act of violence or disturbance will lead into legal issues.
  • Share the prasad given to you with your co-devotees, in case of quantity. Do not throw in dustbin.

We have shared the step by step easy guide for your to book your aarti slots pass online and for more details visit the official website. Jai Siya Ram! Jai Hanuman!!

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